Here's AOL Finance on the biggest New York construction project since Radio City was built in the 1930s:

The largest private real estate development project in the US is well underway, and many people still don't even know about it. Called Hudson Yards, the development will take over a massive 17 million square feet consisting of commercial, residential and retail property.

The project blows both the Freedom Tower and Barclay's Center (two of New York's most prominent architectural landmarks in recent years) out of the water size-wise, and is the largest constructional undertaking in the city since the construction of Rockefeller Center in the 1930s. The 28 acres that the property will live on stretches from Manhattan's Upper West Side to the Midtown West/Hell's Kitchen area.

Oh, and here's another thing—the majority of construction will be built on a highly elevated platform over (still operational) train tracks in order to accommodate for the amount of space needed to complete Hudson Yards.

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