There's nothing like having a TV crew on a jobsite to keep everyone on their toes. At least that's what Bruce Bleiman, president of Unique Homes of Charlotte, is finding out. One of his projects, a $2.5 million, 8,500-square-foot, chateau-style home being built in Union County, N.C., has been chosen as the focus of "The New Home Show," a PBS production hosted by husband-and-wife team Ben and Renee Mandell. The 18-part series begins airing in January 2004.

"I like to think that we offer great quality anyway, and that the guys are going to do their very best, but when they've got the cameras there and the possibility that the eyes of the whole country could be viewing their workmanship, well, that's got to take things to another level," says Bleiman, whose company specializes in building luxury homes in the million-dollar-plus range. "It might not be a bad idea to put a boom truck with a camera in front of every job."