On a motorbike trek through the Far East, Daryl Toby, founder of AguaFina, came across stone carvers in regions of Asia known for generations of stone-working skill. By the journey’s end, Toby had shipped a 20-by-40-foot container of objects back to the United States—the seeds of what is now an eclectic showroom of innovative flame stone sculptures, mirror basalt fountains, eye-catching granite furniture, and salvaged artifacts.

In addition to its garden art business, AguaFina is a landscape design/build firm—which helps Toby think like his pro customers. “We can speak their language,” he says. “We understand not just from a supply standpoint, but from the installer’s point of view as well.” If clients don’t see something they want in the catalog, “we can make it for them,” Toby adds—or find it for them. He often commissions carvers overseas to execute custom specifications and constantly is traveling himself, always on the hunt for unique pieces for both his private and his professional clients. AguaFina Gardens International. 248.738.0500. www.aguafina.com.