Custom Home's Leah Demirjian shares a miniature Norwegian cabin with a stepped concrete roof that doubles as a viewing platform. Designed by Norwegian studio Lund Hagem, Cabin Knapphullet measures just 300 square feet.

Forming a durable enclosure over the cabin’s glazed glass walls, the concrete roof slopes up from the terrain to meet the flat, rock face at the structure’s top. The resulting terrace offers panoramic views of Sandefjord's rocky coast. A series of weathered boulders envelope the cabin and provide shelter from southeast Norway's extreme weather conditions.

The tidy, minimally furnished retreat makes effective use of its small footprint with space-saving features such as an oak sleeping platform that is suspended from the cabin's basket-woven ceiling. Fitted beneath the bed is the living space and bathroom. A wood burning stove warms the concrete-floored space.

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