Fast Company's Adele Peters takes a closer look at Oslo-based Code Architecture's plan to design a high-rise building in downtown Oslo that will feature parking spaces for 500 bicycles, bicycle repair and cleaning stations, and showers for riders.

All these amenities are designed to complement the building's focal feature: a massive ramp that leads cyclists directly into the ultra-sustainable office building called Oslo Solar. The building is part of Norway's FutureBuilt program, which is currently developing 50 pilot projects that demonstrate extremely low greenhouse gas emissions. Upon its completion, the building would produce more energy than it consumes.

The roof will also collect rain and snow. Though the final design is still under development, the idea is to capture water to irrigate plants and to recycle inside the building. The northwest facade of the building, and a cave-like atrium inside, will be covered with moss-filled panels that can act as a habitat for birds and bats. The plant-covered atrium will also help naturally cool the building in the summer and provide fresh air, while filling nearby offices with light.

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