Washington Post's Jura Koncius takes a look at how a Maryland family and designer Jodi Macklin reconstructed a weathered beach house to comfortably accommodate and appeal to multiple generations of guests--aged 8 to 81.

The two-story, oceanfront Bethany Beach, Del., home was designed to be essentially indestructible and resistant to the site's misty climate as well as wear and tear. The 10-bedroom, 11-bath house allows its 20 guests to enjoy all aspects of the home comfortably, such as the kitchen, which features two 13-foot-long kitchen islands.

All the bedrooms were designed with the same concept: Don’t bring a lot of stuff, and don’t leave it lying around. Jodi installed bedside tables with no drawers, and there are no dressers. (The family members stash their things in walk-in closets.) Dash & Albert cotton rugs and print coverlets complete the look. “I wanted uncluttered spaces so the focus would be out there,” Jodi says, pointing to the ocean.

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