Uniquely modern, Shed style house plans are bold and distinctive

Visually complex and decidedly modern, Shed home plans make a bold architectural statement with their asymmetrical exteriors and dramatic multi-gable roofs that slope in different directions. Typically clad in brick, board, or shingles that highlight the style's clean lines and geometrical shapes, these striking homes feature understated entryways and small windows. Inside, Shed style plans continue the theme of unconventionality with ceiling heights that range from low and intimate to soaring and dramatic. Inspired by the same 1960's and 1970's sensibilities as Split Levels, Ranches, and other contemporary designs, two and three story Shed floor plans provide a wealth of functional living space. Although popular in the Pacific Northwest and New England, this distinctive style fits into all but the most traditional neighborhoods. Sleek and sophisticated Shed homes are the ideal choice for families who have an appreciation for eclectic design and a desire to stand out from the crowd.