The new reality in real estate makes it difficult for homeowners to trade up at every milestone in life. Offering homes that can adapt to any life stage and even accommodate multiple generations not only makes your product more appealing to the savvy customer, but it also broadens the spectrum of potential home buyers. This week’s FourPlans highlights layouts that have built-in flexibility, enabling them to serve aging residents as well young couples with expanding families.

Spacious and Modern Country Cottage

A study adjacent to the master bedroom is a convenient nursery when kids are young. Two bedroom suites upstairs accommodate growing children or guests. An apartment over the garage gives a live-in relative a private space of their own. For more photos, information, and the floor plan, click here

Charming Cottage for a Small Lot

This home is designed with wider passageways and no steps to accommodate an aging resident, but the generous bedrooms and lovely light-filled spaces could house a small family as well. For more photos, information, and the floor plan, click here.