Epcon Communities executives want the company’s homeowners to get to know each other better.

The Dublin, Ohio-based production builder--known for its single-story, two-bedroom homes aimed at active adults--has introduced a new line of homes designed to encourage neighbors to socialize in their front yards.

The American Porch Collection features classic exterior detailing with covered front porches that facilitate social interaction and offer additional space to entertain friends and family, says Epcon vice president Tim Rini.

“These homes are a modern twist to a previous era of home building, with home designs intended to promote neighbors interacting more frequently so they can relax and stay awhile,” he says. “These home models also provide greater diversity in the Epcon product line to broaden what is available to our franchise builders around the country.”

Epcon’s franchise model has helped it to become one of the largest home builders in the country—No. 38 on the most recent Builder 100 with over $300 million in revenue. The firm provides its franchise builders with architectural plans, marketing materials, scopes of work, vertical and horizontal construction budgets, sample contracts, and other guidance. Its franchisees are responsible for obtaining financing for acquisition, development, and construction of the home; building the home; adapting the plans to local code; and handling the property management and warranty work once the home is built.

“We provide the nuts and bolts for ongoing support to every aspect of the building business,” Rini said in this BUILDER article. “We provide the advantage of being part of a national building consortium.”

The new American Porch Collection home models were unveiled at the company’s national conference this month in Columbus, Ohio, where housing experts and franchisees gathered to celebrate the company’s 30-year anniversary. Epcon has made a name for itself by building two-bedroom, ranch-style homes in low-maintenance communities. These types of homes are extremely popular with the 55+ housing buyer, a demographic that research firm Metrostudy predicts will account for 52 percent of all new home sales for the next several years.

“As we celebrate our thirtieth year in home building, we look to a very promising future serving a growing and underserved market niche,” adds Epcon co-founder Ed Bacome. “The demand for the style of homes we build among this segment of the population has never been greater, and we have a 30-year track record of meeting and exceeding the needs of these home buyers.”