Faced with making what is likely the biggest financial decision of their lives, home buyers try to picture their future within a home. The home should mirror their lifestyle while accommodating evolving needs through the years. Although new construction undoubtedly offers a greater degree of personalization than resale, customers can feel restricted by costly structural changes. In an effort to give customers the flexibility to build the dream home without compromising their budget, Beazer Homes developed flexible floorplans that allow homeowners to do just that.

Beazer’s Choice Plans, which the company has trademarked, launched about a year and a half ago, gives buyers the option to change the layout of the primary living spaces in the home — kitchen, master bathroom, and secondary living area — at no additional cost. For example, a kitchen can be configured to be more family-friendly or entertainment-focused; a secondary area could be turned into either a dining room or a study.

It all depends on a buyer’s lifestyle.

“We want to make sure that every customer is treated individually and that their home reflects their personal style and the way they live,” says Kathi James, chief marketing officer. “For instance, we understand that a buyer who’s single may use their kitchen very differently than a family with children. Yet both buyers selected the same base floorplan.” A family buyer may opt for the Choice kitchen with a separate breakfast area, while a single buyer may select a Choice kitchen with an eat-in island. And the best part about it is that customers get this freedom at no additional cost.

Another benefit of Choice Plans is that Beazer has done extensive research analyzing the types of changes that customers typically make. “Some buyers can start to feel lost in the process, therefore we’re making personalizing their home as stress-free as possible,” James says. Buyers can seamlessly explore Choice Plans via interactive tools on Beazer’s website and in the sales center which ensures peace of mind when building their unique dream home.

A secondary living space option.
A secondary living space option.

Home buyer feedback on Choice Plans has been very positive, validating Beazer’s plans to expand the program. James adds that “the company is undergoing an evolution of Choice. We know we’ve done some really great work with the reconfiguration of elements within certain rooms. Now we’re expanding that to the rest of the house.” For instance, some buyers like their washer and dryer near the bedroom upstairs, while others would prefer to do laundry on the main level. Beazer is also considering the demand for multi-generational living in some markets, as offering double master bedrooms may be an ideal Choice option for certain floorplans.

“We see it as a continued opportunity for customers to be able to put their thumb print on their individual home without compromising their wallet,” she says.