Single people make up a sizable chunk of today's home buyers. Of course, buyers without partners aren't a monolith, so you'll find a wide variety of layouts and budget levels here, from ultra-modern tiny homes great for city-dwelling millennials to surprisingly luxurious vacation retreats that baby boomers will love. 

1. Modern Millennial Home with Rooftop Deck

This outstanding small plan is a great pick for a compact lot, especially with a rooftop deck that invites outdoor living. The open layout takes advantage of every square foot. Windows bring light into the staircase for a bright trip upstairs. On the main level, the kitchen overlooks the living room, where corner windows are a sleek touch. The bedroom level shows off more corner windows, plus laundry where you want it (in the bathroom!) and a handy linen closet. Up a level, there's room for a guest bed. Step out to the deck to relax outside. See more images, information, and floor plan.