Seasoned homeowners shopping for their next home put a lot of stock in the quality of the view. Deep inside, most people are seeking out a serene setting in a home that is well-designed for comfort and convenience. A peaceful green-space that fosters relaxation and rejuvenation can make a huge impact on the way that people experience their homes.

It is for this reason we have given great care and consideration to create the most inviting, accessible, and comfortable backyard oasis possible in the the NEXTadventure home. This residential home showcases living designed specifically with the 55 and older market in mind. They want a place to call paradise, and they’ve certainly earned it.

We started with the big stuff: pool, outdoor fireplace, and the summer kitchen.

Taylor Morrison outdoor render
Taylor Morrison

The total living space is expanded exponentially, thereby increasing entertaining space and adding the resort-like setting for the home owner to relax and rejuvenate. The pool is alive with soothing colors, textured tiles, and killer mood lighting. The outdoor fireplace inspires warm conversations. And to complete the entertaining trifecta: an outdoor kitchen, complete with grill, sink, mini-fridge, and hood system. Since there’s no formal dining room inside the house, this is the place to cook and share a meal.

We filled in the rest with flowers and fronds, and threw in a gadget or two.

Careful collaboration with the landscape design team Waldrop Engineering and Interior Designers Lita Dirks & Co meant that the indoor and the outdoor spaces dovetail in the most valuable ways possible. Trees planted in the back along the fence line mean a living canopy of shade and privacy. Each plant, shrub, and piece of ground cover has been handpicked on site at the nursery, virtually guaranteeing an eye-catching aesthetic. And, sometimes more importantly to the 55-plus buyer, the plants are not only beautiful but low maintenance.

One of the things that has us the most jazzed about the backyard oasis at the NEXTadventure home is the NuTone Haven mosquito repellent and lighting system. They have a similar design to Glade Air Fresheners and repel one of summer’s biggest nuisances, therefore helping continue the NEXTadventure in the outdoors setting without a lot of maintenance – perfect for the 55 and better buyer.

Employ deep design thinking when playing up all that the outdoors has to offer a modern and sophisticated home. Your customers will be glad that you did.

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