Recent data shows that the median square feet of new homes declined in the second quarter of 2016, suggesting that the trend of builders focusing on higher-end projects with three or more full bathrooms maybe reversing itself. Eye on Housing staffer Carmel Ford tkaes a look at the new single-family homes started in 2015, and the majority (59%) had two full bathrooms.

The NAHB Survey of Construction shows that the highest concentration of single-family homes started in 2015 with three or more bathrooms was found in South Atlantic division (42%). Here's how other divisions fared:

...Other divisions with large shares include the Mountain (39 percent), the Pacific (38 percent), and the West South Central divisions (38 percent). Regions with smaller shares of new homes with 3 or more bathrooms include the New England (30 percent), the West North Central (30 percent), and the East North Central divisions (24 percent).

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