UNTIL RECENTLY, MIGRANT and resident farm workers in Pajaro, Calif., had no choice but to live in sub-standard, one-story units that often flooded. While many residents were temporarily housed in trailers, KTGY Group and South County Housing replaced the deficient housing stock with 63 two-story homes, each featuring living spaces that are elevated above the flood plain. Efficient and high density by design, the new homes are affordable by nature of their size, and long-term utility expenses are reduced with solar roof panels that generate 100 percent of the community's electricity needs. Multiple stairs facilitate easy access and diminish the “motel” feel, while gathering areas promote a safe, neighborly environment.

Category: Affordable housing community; Entrant/Architect/Land planner: KTGY Group, Irvine, Calif.; Builder: Segue Construction, Point Richmond, Calif.; Developer: South County Housing, Gilroy, Calif.; Interior designer: Interior Dimensions, Berkeley, Calif.; Landscape architect: Dillon Design Associates, Santa Cruz, Calif.