There's a trend towards small, efficient living, with more and more developers offering studios and micro-units (under 300 square feet). With that comes the need for innovation around space-saving designs.

Some designers have turned to high tech solutions like robotic beds and walls that move. In Tokyo, Minorpoet, a Japanese design studio, has created a 'hidden kitchen' that neatly tucks behind folding doors - no need for all those gadgets.

The key to micro-living, in other words, is multi-functionality. What Minorpoet’s design proves is that multipurpose-ing one’s home needn’t involve a levitating bed or a robot wall.

The tiny kitchen saves you space, and the doors preserve the uncluttered aesthetic of the entryway. “In Japan, there is a culture to find beauty in plain design,” Matsuyama says. The result is an apartment that pulls double-duty. It’s an economical use of space, sure. But mostly, it’s just beautiful.

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