CURBED's Jenny Xie takes a look at Ikea's latest "PS Collection", which features over 50 space-efficient, eco-friendly products, many made completely of recycled materials such as PET plastic bottles and defective glass.

For the past two decades, the company has released the line once every three years. to spotlight unconventional ideas that may never be considered for mass production. The upcoming collection, including a variety of pieces from sofas and a 3D-knitted armchair to smaller items like a self-watering plant, will be available in February.

The newest PS collection, launching next month, will continue exploring the theme of the 2014 release, which focused on—who else?—young urban dwellers. This, as we have come to know from all sorts of recent furniture lines targeting millennials, is code for young people who tend to live in small spaces, move frequently, and care about the environmental impact of what they buy. As such, the collection of furniture and home goods in PS 2017 offers space-efficient designs like folding stools, jackets that double as blankets, and arm chairs that join into a love seat.

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