Susan Gilmore

“Give us less space, but give us quality,” said the owners of this Craftsman-style house, a new home built on a 30-foot-by-30-foot footprint and a four-square plan. The kitchen is a lesson in balance and proportion. It has a timeless look, with all the bits and pieces appearing to be locked in place. The cabinets, of many varying sizes, are both functional and playful—tiny bins are positioned underneath tall uppers nestled next to Craftsman-style glass doors. The hardware looks just right: Thumb latches, bin pulls, knobs sit like punctuation marks, crisply defining function but not calling too much attention to themselves. The room looks symmetrical at first, but touches of asymmetry offset it. A diner-style breakfast nook adds a cozy place to sit with coffee and your iPad. With its classic color palette of grey, white, and black, this is one pulled-together room.