While this home’s pre-remodeled state left much to be desired, the current owners looked past that and bought it anyway. Positioned on the edge of a two-acre wooded property, the site was a dream. Interior aesthetics, they figured, could come later. And so they have.

Maximizing the beauty of the site, the new master bath is an axially designed plan that draws the eye outward with windows at every vantage point. Where windows aren’t possible, custom vanities combine with a glass shower enclosure and frosted closet doors to reflect the views, enveloping the interior with the natural scenery.

In the center, a rounded standing tub is contrasted with a boxy shower enclosure and topped with a chandelier to create a sculptural anchor for the design.

Special Focus

Category Bath
Entrant/Architect Moto DesignShop, Philadelphia
Builder SJ Design Build, Wynnewood, Pa.

While the previous bath was connected to the bedroom through a separate walk-in closet, “the owners wanted a larger feel to the space,” says Adam Montalbano, a principal with Moto DesignShop. Combining the separate areas not only provided more views and natural light, but also worked well with the rest of the plan’s focus on blurring boundaries. As a result, “the once-clear notion of closet and bath, inside and out, wet and dry are melded together.”