Peter Sucheski

With water efficiency finally entering into the green building equation, “logic” plumbing, with its shorter pipe run lengths that reduce hot water lag time and fewer pipe connections and fittings to optimize installation costs, looks pretty smart.

1) Pipe and Fittings Color-sheathed PEX-a (crosslinked polyethylene) tubing and multiport T fittings result in shorter pipe runs from the service main or water heater and reduce by half the number of connections and fittings of a conventional copper or CPVC installation.

2) Hot Water Recirculation A closed-loop system for the water heater features a pump activated by hot-water users at sinks and showers to quickly replace standing cold water with hot water and reduce lag time waste.

3) Connections The “shape-memory” properties of PEX-a tubing allow it to mold to fittings and also recover from kinks. Fittings and connectors also cannot be dry-fit and do not require crimping, reducing guesswork and installation time.