ARCHITECT's Selin Ashaboglu shares a new tile collection from Italy-based Gigacer that pays homage to legendary architect Le Corbusier, who was known for his modernist structures and selective use of color.

Gigacer collaborated with Fondation Le Corbusier-certified Zurich based company Les Coulerus Suisse (which holds exclusive, inter-nation rights to the Le Corbusier color system) to achieve the exact colors the architect highlights in his sample books.

Le Corbusier's early 1930s essay "Architectural Polychromy" emphasizes the importance of color in architecture, and how it affects occupants both visually and emotionally. After being commissioned by Swiss wallpaper company Salubra in 1932 to create a wallpaper sample book, the architect compiled a list of 43 harmonious colors that he believed to be the most suitable for architecture. Muted in palette, this first series of colors were eventually followed by 20 bolder hues in 1959, creating a collection totaling 63 colors.

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