Whit Preston

The clients were used to living modestly, but a change in circumstances allowed them to trade up to a bigger house. They wanted a bit of luxury in their new home, but nothing ostentatious or sprawling. For the design team at Alterstudio, here was the opportunity to do a master bath that was small-scale and beautifully wrought, with some extravagant touches. The wall, made from Kenyan Black Marble, looks like a sheer slab of rock with water cascading over it. Installation was no easy feat: Supporting walls had to be perfectly plumb, and the 10-foot slabs had irregular edges. What results is a touch of mystery. The wall’s color is chameleon-like (is it green, is it black, or is it blue?), and the seamless way it meets the vanity mirror makes it hard to tell where marble ends and glass begins. This innovative use of materials earned the Lakeview Residence master bath a Special Focus award.

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