The jury liked everything about this kitchen renovation from floor to ceiling—especially the ceiling. They admired the attention paid to the room’s largest plane, which too often is overlooked. A 6-foot-long–by-3-foot-wide light tray is centered in the newly open kitchen/dining space surrounded by recessed LEDs that change colors. The dimensions reinforce the horizontal movement of the room, which visually directs occupants toward balcony views, explains interior designer Jeff Mahon. “The neon light tray works in this setting,” confirmed one juror, explaining that a well-edited material selection balances what could have been a flashy focal point.

A rectilinear glass mosaic backsplash in shades of blue heightens the room’s horizontal pull while adding a little oomph to the all-white palette. A similarly proportioned 8-foot-long island controls the spatial flow of the 382-square-foot kitchen. Mahon says the firm’s vision was to produce a galley kitchen that connected with the rest of the condo. The wall between the kitchen and living room was torn down and an existing wet bar was reoriented toward the kitchen space as a serving station. That vision required digging into shared walls to move the main sink and stove and drastically change the room’s circulation pattern.

“The new layout allows one person to easily prepare a meal for a family without wearing out their legs,” Mahon describes, “but also comfortably accommodates a team of caterers.” Our panel of jurors agreed with Mahon’s assessment and went further to note how the new layout has a “big impact for overall space planning—it is beautifully scaled and well-executed with terrific proportion, right down to the hardware.” The jury members also appreciated that the chic design maintains a “pleasing balance of scale and materials.”

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