Men and women spend equal time in the kitchen, and in a lot of cases men are the main chef in the house, cooking on average about eight meals per week, says The Washington Post's Michele Lerner. As a result, men are as likely as women to drive the design decisions in new kitchens.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) says some of the design trends associated with men in the kitchen include more contemporary styles, such as flat-front cabinetry, bolder colors, contrasting-color palettes and upgraded appliances. Men spend about 30 percent more than women on appliances, according to NKBA research.

Designers say that a decade ago husbands weren’t as involved as much in decisions about kitchen design, and one partner would often make most of the choices. Now, they say, both partners often collaborate on design choices, each with their own priorities.

Now, about that pizza oven.

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