German high-end kitchen manufacturer Poggenpohl has always prided itself on cutting-edge modern products , but its latest launch is, perhaps, one of its edgiest yet-a line of cabinets aimed squarely at men. The company (and its design partner Porsche Design Group) is catering to a trend that more men are interested in creating fine cuisine.

"In recent years, kitchens have turned into event and representation areas frequently equipped with audio systems," Elmar Duffner, managing director of Poggenpohl, said in a statement announcing the launch. "Our cooperation with Porsche Design enabled us to design a kitchen whose sleek and functional design language specifically addresses male customers."

So what makes this kitchen, the so-called P'7340, so male? Janine Flamer, director of marketing and public relations in Poggenpohl's U.S. office, says the product will toe a decidedly crisp modern line and will feature such materials as drift wood, glass, and aluminum-titanium. "Porsche Design is known for marketing products to men and has established itself as the premier name for luxurious men's accessories," Flammer explains. "The materials used in the P'7340 kitchen are typical to the Porsche Design philosophy: aluminum, which creates the visual and functional framework from toe-kick to the open areas, lacquered glass, and various technical features, mainly with regards to the illumination."

The appliances will enable the cook to have options and control in food preparation so instead of one oven and a cooktop the space will have a speed oven, steam oven, coffee maker, and an induction cooktop-all from German powerhouse, Miele. Expect European features such as freestanding islands and modular pieces, but the company has upped the ante with handle-less doors that operate with the touch of a finger. "The absence of handles further emphasizes the uncompromising, purist, and aesthetic appeal of the furniture," the company says. "However, for completeness' sake and as an alternative to the handle-less solution, functional bar-handles crafted from brushed aluminum are also available."

Other features include aluminum wall-mounted frames onto which individual modules can be located at any chosen position; built-in ambient lighting; and a plug-and-play audio/video entertainment system that is designed "to bring moving pictures with sound to glass surfaces." The Dornbracht faucet will have a black chrome finish, and the sink will have an integrated electronically operated drain.

The new kitchen will be on display in Poggenpohl studios around the world and will be available in the U.S. summer of 2008.