An example of a Boffi kitchen space.

Custom-made Italian kitchens, exemplified by the work of Boffi, Scavolini, Pedini and Arclinea, have gained favor with high-end homeowners and developers alike, according to Amy Gamerman of The Wall Street Journal.

Much of the emphasis in these Italian kitchens falls on creating a sleek, uncluttered aesthetic, with multiple built-in storage spaces for standard kitchen implements. “It’s selling a vision of a certain lifestyle that’s clean and modern,” said Gidi Cohen, a Los Angeles developer. “Whoever sees this kitchen wants to start taking cooking classes.”

A single Boffi kitchen can cost between $40,000 and $300,000 and usually takes three months to manufacture and ship to the US. Depending on a buyer’s preference, the space can be designed around cooking, entertaining, or simply existing as a work of art.

Boffi and Scavolini kitchens will featured in the newest ultra-luxury properties of Richard Meier, Jeffrey Beers, and the late Zaha Hadid, all set to open early next year.

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