Best contemporary kitchen in a single-family detached custom or remodeled home—less than 3,000 square feet square feet

The landscape is littered with kitchen remodels that were well intentioned but poorly executed. This is definitely not one of those kitchens. Designed and built by Space Craft Architecture and Construction in Columbus, Ohio, the project exemplifies a well-designed kitchen that features a great mix of materials and attention to detail.

“The existing kitchen was built in the late '70s and was done in an off-the-shelf manner,” says architect M. Scott Tedrick. “The client relocated from New York and wanted the space to reflect his urban tastes and his love of entertaining.”

Because the client also wanted a contemporary design, Tedrick used simple clear finished maple for the cabinetry and also used it for the window trim to provide continuity. A stainless steel island, turned askew, gives motion to the space, adds interest, and offers visual access to the outdoor entertainment area. “The island was to be the focal point of the space and also serve as a counterpoint to the maple,” Tedrick says.

In addition to the stainless steel island, the kitchen features granite countertops on the maple base cabinets and a tumbled marble backsplash. It also has a circular wood-topped cabinet on wheels that fits at the end of the peninsular cabinet. “We had the idea to bring in something moveable and used it as another way to bring in stainless steel,” Tedrick says. Timeless and visually appealing, the kitchen offers its client a contemporary space that is well suited to his lifestyle.

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Cabinetry: Custom; Countertop: Modligh Stonework, Blackwood Sheet Metal; Faucets/fittings: Gemina Arwa, Chicago; Flooring: Oak; Sinks: Blanco;

Entrant/Architect/Builder: Space Craft Architecture and Construction, Columbus, Ohio

Tip Mixing countertop surfaces in the kitchen is a good way to add visual interest. Architect M. Scott Tedrick, who used stainless steel, granite, and wood in this kitchen, recommends choosing materials that have some contrast. But be sure to use materials that are appropriate for their location. For instance, stainless steel on the island with the sink is durable and more forgiving.

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