On my final sweep of the showroom floor at the 2007 Kitchen/Bath Industry Show & Conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center, a few items caught my eye.

Samsung's Electric Range features AirVection, a feature that steam-cleans your oven without requiring harmful chemicals or scrubbing.

Kohler's DTV II Interface features an iPod-like controller that controls everything from water temperature to music to even a light show. Considering all the time you'd want to spend in the shower with the DTV II Interface, Kohler may need to come up with a solution for pruny skin.

Living Elements' Pesante Vessels are natural rocks collected in the Hill Country of central Texas that are formed into a working sink.

Bristol and Bath's Tire Vanity Set released a sink-and-vanity set that is a must-have for any racing fan--a blue Michelin tire that's been converted into a functional sink.

If you hate using a plunger, then DonTeCor Enterprises may have the product for you. The Pressaire is a vinyl device that attaches to the toilet seat for use in case of a clog (see the demonstration video here). The company says the device can also be used to prevent double-flushing and is compact enough for travel.

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