PART OF THIS MASSIVE UNDERTAKING involved totally reconfiguring the upstairs. I was a little nervous about removing a bedroom we already had over the living room, but the architect was right: The flow was lousy, and we had all that space over the great room to expand the second floor. We kept the one bath (actually converting it to a Jack-and-Jill bath that reminds me of “The Brady Bunch,” only much, much nicer) and added another down the hall, with the third bedroom. It's kind of a suite, but that bathroom also serves the new game room, where we've got a drop-down projector and big screen for watching movies as a family. I kind of like having the entertainment area upstairs; we can throw parties and fundraisers on the lower level while the kids hang out upstairs. We also moved the laundry to a new space at the top of the back stairs, which end at the garage. So much for us catching the kids sneaking in after curfew!


The NanaWall enables full-height, full-open access to the upstairs deck from the sitting room by folding like an accordion along a hidden overhead track and a slim floor track that meets ADA-threshold requirements. Closed, it's weathertight and energy-efficient; open, it creates an unobstructed view and a generous connection with the outdoor spaces —most evident in the great room, where three, 10-foot NanaWalls open to the outdoor living area. Nana Wall Systems. Circle no. 161.