Fast Company's Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan takes a look at how three AIA chapters—New York City, New York State, and New Jersey—are working to change the design competition landscape, which currently deprives contestants of compensation, a guaranteed contract, or even rights to their own designs.

When New York's Port Authority launched a competition to redesign its 66-year-old Midtown bus terminal last month, the three chapters reached out to the Port Authority and advocated for changes to the rules, including an extended deadline and a $200,00 honorarium for the five winners of the competition's first stage.

"We have always advocated on behalf of our members and the profession of architecture," Benjamin Prosky, executive director at Center for Architecture, told Co.Design. "We thought as a chapter that if the [Port Authority] would respond to a letter from us and make some changes, that this would not only be good for architects, attracting more talent and better entries," he added, "but ultimately lead to a better designed bus terminal."

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