The Orange County (Calif.) Register columnist Jeff Lansner takes a look at the return of the dining room in the latest homes hitting the Southern California market.

Architectural victims of the Great Recession, the rooms fell out of favor in recent years, but they're back in the latest models from the Irvine Co. and TRI Pointe Homes. This marks a departure from the "great room" design that's been so popular in recent years. Lansner writes:

Now comes Irvine Co.’s 2016 home editions, featured in the new Eastwood community in north Irvine. Five of Eastwood’s six neighborhoods opening this month and in March have homes with a great room that can easily hold a traditional dining room table.

Irvine Co. home building marketing honcho Tom Veal is quick to note this is no pullback from the great-room concept. Rather, the company’s research revealed homeowners yearned for a place where the family could comfortably gather for an occasional sit-down meal.

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