A recently remodeled home in Arlington, Va., outside of the Washington, D.C. metro area doesn't forget its roots. The home, designed by Ahmad Khreshi of Home Perfection Contracting, used wood from the original structure wherever it was possible, says Remodeling Magazine's Marisa Mendez.

“I hate waste. I hate cutting trees,” Khreshi tells REMODELING. Khreshi and his team stripped the existing structure to the bones and rebuilt and expanded the home, including adding a second floor. In the process, Khreshi saved much of the wood from the old home to create statement features in several rooms.

Pine wood from the home's old roof was used to create an 18-foot-high reclaimed accent wall: After being exposed to heat for 70+ years, the wood had changed color. "It was very unique," Khreshi says. The team planed the wood to different thicknesses to reveal the color variations between the weathered top wood and the new wood below the surface before adhering the planks to the wall.

The rest of the home includes other accent pieces, such as a faux skylight art piece on the ceiling of the library, constructed from the home's old wooden windows, ceiling medallion, featured in the dining room, from the home's old hardwood floors, and a slab of maple from a tree that had to be cut down during construction that's used as a countertop in the kitchen.

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