The end of the year normally comes with new design trends, and the announcements of numerous paint company's colors of the year. Behr recently released their 2017 Color Currents collection, which includes three different moods--Comfortable Palette, Composed Palette and Confident Palette. Redfin's Allison Dunmore talked with Behr’s in-house color expert, Erica Woelfel, about this year's color trends:

“Grey [sic] is not going anywhere” says Woelfel. “Grey is the new neutral of the moment.” . This is evident when looking through Behr’s top 2016 interior paint colors, which included four grey tones on the list. And examining their 2017 list, that still remains true. “Close Knit” (a soft grey), “Laid Back Grey” (medium grey), “Silent Sands”( a brown-grey) and “Shades On” (dark grey) are all set to transform your home in 2017.

“Blue provides a calm serene feeling and it opens up a space. They’re also easy to use,” says Woelfel. And indeed they are. Blue is a color that crosses all three color palettes from “Peek a Blue” (a soft calming baby blue) and Midnight Show (a dark dramatic blue), and will make any space stand out. We love the use of “Peek a Blue” in a living room.

“I love purple as an accent color,” says Woelfel. And it looks like 2017 will be the year that purple reigns supreme with “Artful Magenta” from the Composed Palette. “Artful Magenta” resembles a soft eggplant color and paired with grey makes for a uniquely whimsical room. Pairing it with “Silent Sands,” a brown-grey, in an office or dining room is a chic way to take your room into 2017.

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