When the design of a home is seamless, the transitions between public and private, indoor and outdoor, and formal and informal have no cut and dry boundaries. Everything works together as part of the overall character and unique style of the home.

Every aspect of your design—from the proximity of the pool to the outdoor fireplace to the washer/dryer setup just on the other side of the master closet (how clever is that?)—all tie-in with the same themes in mind.

  • How does it feel?
  • How does it look from every angle?
  • What will it look like in five years?

In the NEXTadventure Home, it’s easy to see how even the smallest detail was well thought out with integrations in mind. In this showcase single-family home designed specifically for those age 55 and up, the design team responded to a tremendous amount of market research and subject-matter experts.

Starting with the floor plan and ending with the landscaping, the NEXTadventure home is full of “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that?” features:

  • Offer front-facing flex space. This flex space helps adapt your home to any buyer need; it can serve as an extra bedroom or a quiet work space. Close it off for privacy or open it up for connectivity.
  • Define entryways. Give the master suite a very defined entryway, so it feels like a sanctuary within a sanctuary. Provide features for true living like a walk-in shower in the bath and a bench in the walk-in closet.
  • Locate laundry off the master suite. Design innovations also can happen in the utility spaces like the laundry facilities that are located off the master suite, which means a lot less basket wrangling down dark steps or narrow hallways.
  • Include a drop zone. Allow home buyers to come in through the garage and unload packages and groceries right away in a “drop zone,” an area designed to take the heavy lifting out of shopping.
  • Accommodate pets. 55-plus buyers love their pets, so give pets their own designated areas for grooming and supplies. Plus, give unsightly brooms and mops their own closet in the laundry room.
  • Don't skimp on storage. This home buyer has a lot of treasures. They have collected antiques, heirlooms, and family treasures over the years. So give them a safe harbor with climate control to store them, like the attic space (with real stairs) and in the china closet prominently displayed in the NEXTadventure entryway.
Taylor Morrison floorplan
Taylor Morrison

Thoughtful integrations like these can make life pretty sweet for a new homeowner looking for freedom from clutter and lackluster design. Making everyday activities easy means that the 55-plus crowd can spend their time on more enjoyable things, like entertaining friends and relaxing by the backyard pool.

Watch the progress of the NEXTadventure home using #nextadventurehome on Twitter.