REALITY BUILDING DESIGN of Meridian, Idaho, is offering builders a new service that combines the roof trusses, headers, walls, beams, and the design of the foundation all in one integrated system.

Kendall Hoyd, one of the company's principals, says, in the past, an architect would deliver a building design to the builder, who would take the plans to a truss company for the truss design and a lumberyard for the beams and headers to be sized.

Today, the Reality Building Design uses KeyBuild software from Keymark Enterprises in Boulder, Colo., to build a model and conduct a structural analysis that anticipates the impact of each specific design on the rest of the house. For example, as the model is developed, it simultaneously calculates the impact of the trusses on the beams and headers.

Hoyd says calculating how each step in the design process affects subsequent steps can reduce materials' costs up to 5 percent because everything is integrated and there are fewer mistakes and, therefore, less waste on the job.

Reality Building Design's price for delivering a full set of working drawings that can be presented to a building department is 50 to 75 cents per square foot. Pricing for final working drawings varies by region.