IAPMO R&T Product Listings and IAPMO Uniform ES offers evaluation reports that give inspectors and other officials the confidence of knowing that all building products, materials and designs evaluated by Uniform ES have met the minimum requirements of applicable codes and rigorous standards such as the Uniform Plumbing Code, International Building Code, International Residential Code, Uniform Building Code, California Building Code and Florida Building Code. Uniform ES is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). A Uniform ES report ensures continuous compliance to documents such as sections 104.11 and 1703 of the International Building Code (IBC). Our integrity is built on 80 years of experience with the qualifications and competence of our technical staff.  Uniform ES customer service representatives work directly with the manufacturers to exceed their expectations.

These independent third party review and evaluation of the manufacturers’ testing provides assurance for homebuilders, end users & building regulators that the code- which sets the bar for building component acceptability- has been satisfied. We ask the tough questions, & when we get answers we issue an Evaluation Report or Product Listings that tells the reader that someone with the right expertise asked the right questions & got the right answers. It's a thorough process, but not onerous.

Building products, materials, and designs bearing the UPC and Uniform ES shields are trusted by architects, builders, installers, inspectors & building officials.

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