Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water's Yuqing Pan takes a look at just how much it costs to live in a home designed, built, or retouched by a renowned American architect such as Frank Lloyd Wright or Frank Gehry, and charts how one stacks up against similarly sized, regular homes in the same zip code that sold during the same period of time.

The company scoured its own database, nonprofit websites, and press coverage of homes for sale or sold since 2010 that were designed by eight 20th century architectural icons. The most expensive house on the list is the Bob Hope Residence, which was designed by John Lautner and is currently on the market for $25 million—a 108% premium over houses in the area.

[Lautner’s] most famous and striking design may also be his most notorious: the so-called flying saucer home (aka “The UFO Home” or “The Volcano Home”) built for Bob Hope in Palm Springs, CA, in 1973. The 23,000-square-foot home was listed on the market in 2013 for $50 million and has been plunging in price ever since. Got $25 million? It’s yours.

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