In the near future, we will see 3D-printed homes, cars, limbs, fashion accessories and so much more. Here is a look at some of the most exciting areas that this technology is beginning to emerge:

1. 3D Printing Pens - This wildly successful Kickstarter run will bring the 3Doodler to consumers in early 2014. The device is handheld and can be used to “print” 3D drawings in real time.

2. Urbee 2: The 3D-printed car - While it still takes about three months for this bad boy to “print,” it is extremely lightweight at 1,200 pounds. It will be able to drive from San Francisco to New York on 10 gallons of pure ethanol and it is being designed to pass the tech inspection required at Le Mans.

3. Homes - Architects in Amsterdam are planning to 3D-print a full-size canal house one room at a time.

4. Vital organs - Scientists have been able to print materials similar to human tissues. While we aren’t there yet, this technology could lead to being able to replace damaged tissue in our organs.

5. Clothes - Joshua Harris’ clothes printer is an interesting concept that would involve feeding old clothes into a printer that would use the material to print your wardrobe for the next season.

6. Guns - While still an extremely controversial area of this amazing technology, it is being done.

7. Moon bases - International design agency Architecture Et Cetera (A-ETC) has proposed “SinterHab,” a moon base that would be constructed with a mobile 3D printer using lunar dust for material. This is real, folks.