Builders Care's ultimate goal--eradicate substandard housing. By BUILDER Magazine Staff

There are between 45,000 and 60,000 substandard dwellings in Jacksonville, Fla., and The Northeast Florida Builders Association (NEFBA) is doing something about them.

In some cases, the houses have been condemned, and the people living in them fined for noncompliance with certain building codes and standards. Many of these residents are elderly, have disabilities, or simply cannot afford home repairs.

Jacksonville builders created the nonprofit Builders Care to repair existing homes. It is an outgrowth and evolution of Habitat Resources, which began through a partnership with HabiJax (the community's local Habitat for Humanity affiliate) and the Duval County Housing Finance Authority.

Builders Care has repaired more than 130 severely damaged homes. The Duval County Housing Finance Authority is the program's primary funding source--$1.2 million in 2002. Repair work includes making homes handicapped accessible; repairing roofs, siding, and leaks; painting; general repairs; and installing heating and air-conditioning units.

Operation Leverage, a special Builders Care blitz repair, took place in spring 2002 and repaired more than 34 homes. Work began in May with a special volunteer push on two days: June 1 and June 8.

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