Who Am I? Editor of Custom Home and Senior Editor at Builder.

What Do I Cover?  I produce content on design, residential architecture kitchens, baths, outdoor spaces, remodels, and urban development. My interests cover a broad range, from big ideas to small details, from custom homes to affordable housing.    

My Favorite Content: Greater Good, our recent package on affordable housing. Beautiful and forward-thinking design is happening in that space, from adaptive reuse to infill, in both single and multi-family, with ideas that apply to market-rate homes. I loved reporting and writing 7 Strategies For Cultivating New Buyers, because I got to talk to some of the most creative and enterprising architects, designers, and developers in the business. Plus, it was the chance to do team reporting with Jennifer Goodman and Shelley Hutchins, two of my smartest and most experienced colleagues. 
Contact Me: Got ideas? Bring 'em to aalbert@hanleywood.com, 323-801-4951, on Twitter @amyatbuilder, or via Custom Home's Facebook page.