CURBED's Patrick Sisson shares that Greycork, the furniture start-up that made news when it presented a stylish, easy-to-assemble alternative to Ikea last year, is reportedly closing up shop.

According to a tip forwarded to CURBED, a customer who attempted purchasing furniture last week received an email from one of the company's founders stating that a refund has been issued for the canceled order, because the company is "discontinuing all products, and winding down operations."

Curbed has reached out to Greycork to confirm, and will update the story as soon as it receives a response. A visit to the Greycork website does show that some items are still available, and the company released a new Floating Shelf on February 2.

If the news is true, it confirms a tough reality of the modern furniture business. Between the high volume, low-cost behemoth that is Ikea, and myriad, high-price high-design boutique offerings lies a challenging middle ground, where it’s harder to make a profit.

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