Established in 2000 and headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., GreenFiber is the largest manufacturer of cellulose fiber insulation, fire and sound products, all made with a minimum of 85% recycled paper fibers. With 7 manufacturing plants located throughout the United States and two in Canada, GreenFiber products are sold to building supply retailers, manufactured housing builders and insulation contractors in the U.S. and Canada. GreenFiber products are also sold through a national sales force to residential and commercial contractors as well as to the do-it-yourself and contractor customer.

GreenFiber has developed into a major competitor in the building products industry. GreenFiber's cellulose fiber insulation has a number of attributes. For example, it is made with 85 percent recycled paper fiber, the company diverts hundreds of thousands of tons of paper from landfills, and, GreenFiber helps reduce energy consumption required to heat and cool homes and light commercial buildings.

As a cellulose fiber blow-in insulation made with 85% recycled paper fiber, GreenFiber provides a safe option for builders and DIYers. As a Class A fire rated building insulation material, GreenFiber offers peace of mind.

Product Specs
Fire Resistance [pdf]
Superior Sound Control [pdf]
Thermal Performance [pdf]