GLASS TILE IS ENJOYING A HUGE FOLLOWING in the residential arena, with mosaics the popular choice among the trades. You could hire someone to design a custom glass mosaic, but what if you could design your own? New York City–based Meshglass has found a way for you to do just that.

Meshglass is a new product made from stained-glass pieces mounted on an almost invisible fiberglass mesh. The product is fade-, fire-, and water-resistant, and the flexible mesh system allows large panels to be installed in tricky and uneven applications, such as pool bottoms, coved ceilings, and round pillars. It can also be used for more conventional functions such as tile borders or kitchen backsplashes.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the product is the company's interactive, Web-based design tool that allows clients to build their own patterns from random mosaics using different shapes. The design tool is revolutionary, says product creator Duncan Kirk, and it is easy to use.

“The original idea [for the product] came to me about three and a half years ago,” says Kirk, who has parlayed his experience in the laser printing industry and time as a fashion accessory designer into the endeavor. Kirk says the product is unique because it uses stained-glass pieces and comes in panels measuring 4 square feet or larger, depending on the order.

Meshglass also is developing two new products that will further revolutionize the industry, Kirk says, and has recently increased its standard color offerings to 30. For more information on Mesh-glass, or to use its interactive design tool, visit