Dezeen's Amy Frearson takes a look at a letter written by Tadeo Pintado Barragán Cervantes Omana—a descendant of esteemed Mexican architect Luis Barragán— in which he claims the architect's family had not given artist Jill Magid approval to use the late architect's ashes to create a two-carat diamond.

The artist created the ring to offer to Barragán Foundation founder Federica Zanco, who currently owns Barragan's professional archive after it was gifted to her by husband Rolf Fehlbaum, owner of Swiss furniture brand Vitra.

"Just thinking about this atrocity makes me want to vomit," said Pintado in the letter, which has been translated from Spanish."The closest family to my uncle Luis were my grandparents Oscar Pintado and Marcia Barragan, my dad and my two uncles," said Pintado. "Absolutely nothing was requested of any of them, and of course there was no authorisation. We must change the course of all this outrage that has hurt my family, and those who have admired and recognised my uncle's originality in the world of architecture," he added.

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