Courtesy Survival Condo

Located deep underground within the walls of an abandoned missile silo, developer Larry Hall is putting in seven luxury units built to withstand a natural disaster, nuclear attack, or anything in between.

Hall caters to a very specific niche buyer: the wealthy doomsday prepper. If disaster strikes, these buyers want to be ready, and Hall’s subterranean community offers everything necessary to wait out the mass chaos in total comfort. Condos feature high-end appliances, full-size floor plans, and even electronic, motion-tracking windows that offer scenes of Paris, San Francisco, or outer space. Community amenities include an underground garden and fishery that can produce enough fresh food to keep up to 70 residents nourished for as long as necessary, and Hall has stockpiled enough dry goods to feed buyers for up to five years.

While it might sound zany, sales have been relatively brisk, and the project sold out in May, three months earlier than expected. Fortunately for remaining fretters, Hall has options on three more silos.

Claire Easley is a senior editor at Builder.

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