Chief Details Chief Architect is now selling the CAD Designer's Toolkit, a plug-in for its CAD software that offers more than 340 CAD “details” that can be inserted into construction documents. One example of a CAD detail is a drawing that shows how a column on a pier would support a deck. The Toolkit also has a template with components that let builders create custom details and includes more than 40 how-to videos that show how to use the CAD details with Chief Architect. The Toolkit sells for $395. Visit for more information.

Home Videos Centex is working with Dallas-based production company Crozier & Henderson to roll out sales videos for at least half of Centex's 45 divisions. Each video's goal is to hit a community's high points within the first 15 to 20 seconds. After viewing the video, site visitors can click drill-down tabs to request more information; find an inventory of homes; learn more about Centex and the specific division; and pull up community information. To view an example of a video, go to, click on the “Find Your New Home” tab, and search for a home in Orlando, Fla.