Jonathan Jackson

Having a 243-square-foot master bedroom might be a dream come true for some, but when the corresponding bath measures less than 40 square feet, the bedroom space feels out of proportion.

“We borrowed almost 74 square feet from the bedroom and reallocated it into a larger bathroom and walk-through closet,” explains architect Stewart Davis.

The old bathroom now is a wet room with a separate bathtub and shower. The rectangular layout with the tub occupying the far end left ample space for a walk-in shower, but could have made the room feel telescopic. Building out a section of the back wall 3 inches and inserting glass shelves produced an oversized cubby and defined the two bathing areas. Davis says the bump-out also “adds a touch of privacy” while in the tub.

The 3/8-inch -thick shelves with rounded edges extend about an inch past the wall, so they’re deep enough to hold bottles and some mementos. A reinforced stone ledge at the bottom matches the tub surround and provides a sturdy place to prop a foot. Transparent glass lightens the stone and tile room—and is easy to clean. Stainless steel channels screwed into grout joints support the shelves, which are secured with clear silicone.

The shelves are aligned with grout lines and give the space a clean look, says Davis. “The back of the glass doesn’t quite contact the tile, so it has air space and water doesn’t get trapped and become a housekeeping nightmare.”

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