In designing a home for a client who is a professional water skier heading toward retirement, architect Phil Kean built on a lot with a lake on one side and a national forest on the other. The property eases down to the water’s edge—a spot, says Kean, that “begged to be enjoyed.” A boat landing that would be a great lakeside hangout was a high priority.

But in the Florida heat, sitting on the dock of the lake is best done under cover. Kean found the perfect way to offer shade from the sun and exposure to the breeze: a boat dock shelter that’s open on two sides, has louvered walls, and provides enough space for a table, chairs, and a barbecue. What’s more, the shelter is a handsome companion to the main home, which takes inspiration from Modernist giants including Richard Neutra, Rudolf Schindler, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

“Elements from the main house were used to try to bring a little architecture to a boat dock,” says Kean. The dock shelter’s varied, flat roof planes echo those of the main house. Its louvered walls are made of ipe (wood that’s hardy enough to be used for the decking on the dock, as well), and are the same design that is used for the main home’s outdoor shower enclosures. “The louvers provide shade, but air can still move through them,” Kean points out. The dock’s stacked quartz pier is faithful to the ones in the main house, too. Even better, that stone column is more than just a good-looking support beam: It houses the plumbing for the boat dock’s shower.

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