Creating a kitchen that's both functional and beautiful is a challenge when the space has a small footprint. To maximize a small kitchen's efficiency, HGTV host Scott McGillivray revealed to POPSUGAR's Maggie Winterfeldt three of his best tricks for getting a lot of storage in a little space:

  1. Double Decker Drawers: In a recent remodel, McGillivray's client did not want upper cabinets. McGillivray designed the island's drawers to have a "a drawer within a drawer" to "use every bit of space, and almost double the amount of storage."
  2. Sneaky Sink: The sink in the kitchen has a ledge on the side to allow the homeowner to insert a strainer, a cutting board, and a drying rack. McGillivray custom-designed the sink so that the homeowner can use a single attachment or several of the attachments at once.
  3. Covert Appliances: McGillivray made sure outlets were plentiful by installing them directly into the kickboard not only to give the homeowners easy access, but also to avoid adding too many to the backsplash or countertop. He also designed an "appliance garage" to house small, everyday machines like coffee makers to keep them out of sight, but easily accessible.
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