The best place to see the Manhattan skyline is from New Jersey, and with views of the Hudson River from all sides, this 42-story glass tower takes full advantage of its premium site. “We wanted to design a building with an iconic shape that would really maximize water views,” says architect Jordan Gruzen, who created breaks in the façade to enhance sightlines. “Even if your apartment faces west, there’s a break and you can see the river to the north.” Greenish-gray glass also sets the tower apart visually. “We tried a brownish color, but it felt like we were wearing sunglasses,” the architect explains.

The imposing tower rests on a five-level, on-grade garage. “When you’re right next to the river, you can’t build below grade,” says Gruzen. But the parking structure is cleverly camouflaged with perforated aluminum screens in a color that blends with the tones of the glass above.

The buyers for the 269 units are young professionals drawn to the location and killer view, as well as abundant amenities, including a restaurant, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and billiards and movie rooms.

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