Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have continued to become more common place as a number of demographic and socioeconomic factors have made people reshape their communities in an effort to find/create reasonably-priced housing. Co.Design staffer Kelsey Campbell Dollaghan takes a look at the vast array of housing types that make up ADUs from tiny homes to backyard sheds.

Advocates of ADUs point out that they help to create reasonably-priced housing for otherwise expensive markets like California and New York. Researchers, like Martin John Brown, point out that they do not replace affordable housing:

He points to one study that found ADUs cost an average of 19% less to rent than non-ADUs in the Bay Area. In other cities, like Portland, they've just been average, though many rent for free or "ultra-low" costs. "Ultimately," he wrote in a post this spring, "I feel the evidence shows ADUs have tremendous potential for creating reasonably priced housing."

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